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Before first period:
I saw my crush (대원), he looked so ahdjsjsjka today. He was wearing the same shirt as Jaejoong in Protect the Boss when he went to Lotte World with the girl. (The part where he wasn’t wearing the blazer thing. Only the white long sleeve polo.)

During 1st Period:
We had “bus ridership”. And I saw the cute Taiwanese guy who always stares. And I also saw my crush’s friend (태훈) that looks like Shim Hyunseong.

During 2nd Period:
I saw my crush again, and we took a 4-5 second glance at each other and I looked away. My crush’s (other) friend, (민식), he almost got hit by this experiment hovercraft thing in the hallway, and it was hilarious. And then we caught each other’s eyes while he was on the other side of the hallway from me.

Class Change to 3rd Period:
I went in my class early, and I saw my crush (대원), his friend (태훈), and 민식. Then 민식 stole a glance from me and yeah.

Heading to the Caf:
I saw my crush’s friends again, 태훈 and 준수.

During Lunch:
I saw my crush and he stole a glance from me again. I also saw the Taiwanese guy and we stared at each other til i looked away.

Last Period:
I saw my crush, 준수 and 민식.

Going Home:
I was riding the bus and it stopped at a bus stop, and I saw my crush, and we had like 2-4 second stare, then the bus moved.

Boyfriend’s comeback. Epic.